Velvet Bow Care and Storage

Velvet Bow

Really Big Bows are handcrafted using the highest gauge velvet bow ribbon available. The ribbon is edged with gold wiring, ensuring ultimate malleability and ease of reshaping. Though bows do crush, they are able to be reformed, time and time again.

Start from the bottom of the velvet bow and add volume to each loop by inserting both hands into either side of the loop and stretching vertically to add maximum height while eliminating creases. Then, gently smooth outside wire between thumb and forefinger to form rounded silhouette. Simply rotate the bow clockwise and repeat with each adjacent loop until the bottom tier is at maximum volume. Repeat this process with each ascending tier.

Box storage is best. A Really Big velvet bow should rest right side up and should be lifted by the center loop. A lint roller may be used to remove dust. Temperature controlled climates are best to ensure the life of the bow.