Really Big Bows and 5 creative ways to wrap a giant gift.


Every colossal Christmas gift deserves that crowning large, red, velvet bow. But what if you want to add a little more mystery to your big unveil?
Here are five inexpensive ways to hide the giant surprise inside.
1. Check out your local discount store for plastic table cloths. Tape them together and hide the seams with ribbon and add a large bow. These plastic gems can cover a lot of real estate.
2. You don’t have to sew to take advantage of the local fabric stores. Great materials make great wrappings. Just use a glue gun or glue dots to hold things in place. Trade felt flowers and baubles for bows, and you have an impressive, hand-crafted package.
3. Hold on to your sense of humor, here. What about garbage bags? Play it up! No one will suspect the enormous surprise inside. They come in many sizes and are probably the least expensive option. Besides, after spending so much on the gift, couldn’t you use a break on the wrapping?
4. Go pro. Buy the gift bags. They come in many oversized options. Manufacturers have come up with a way to cover just about every kind of gift including bicycles!
5. Back to the Big Bows. For some things, there’s just no substitute. I just can’t imagine giving a brand-new Lexus all wrapped up in trash bags. Spring for the really big car bow! At Really Big Bows, we can create custom made Christmas bows to fit all your needs. It may not hide the gift, but it does make it bigger. And as they say, bigger is better!