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Giant bows and giftwrap

After the gift list… it’s one paper you just can’t live without during the holidays. Giftwrap. It’s a 2.6 billion dollar a year industry that scores most of its sales in the few short months between Thanksgiving through New Years’ with numbers staying steady throughout the rest of the year. And judging by the burgeoning amount of trade shows unveiling innovative new gift wrap ideas, giant bows and trendy wrapping materials, our obsession with making an impression doesn’t seem to be wrapping up anytime soon.

So what motivates our decision to wrap it, bag it, box it or bling it out? According to the gift wrap gurus at Hallmark, it comes down to just three motivating factors.

1. Our need to wow others
2. Our need to just get it done
3. Our need to express ourselves

The good news is that just about every gift wrap company out there caters to the three magic motivators listed above. But if you’re trying to track hottest gift wrap ideas and trends and narrow down your options…that’s also the bad news. Unless, of course, you enjoy Googling, for hours, to find the coolest new designs. For those looking for a time hack… we’ve tied up this season’s 6 top trends in a neat little package.

1. What’s old is new again. Whether it’s the art deco designs of the 20s or the fun and funky metallic patterns of the 60s, you’ll see high-end designers producing all sorts of vintage designs and discount suppliers following their lead.
2. Gift Wrapping IS an art. Water color designs and artistic patterns are trending on top e-commerce communities such as Brit + Co. Some companies are creating such realistic textures and designs, you’d swear they were hand-painted. Even if you can’t produce a Van-Goh style work of art, at least your gift can look like one.
3. Trim the Trimmings. When you consider Americans spend more than 2.5 billion dollars on giftwrap each year, it’s enough to make you want to forget the formalities altogether. Hearing your cash register disgruntlement, a great majority of gift wrap companies now sell double-sided wrapping paper, giving consumers dual flexibility and more bang for their Christmas buck. This just makes sense (cents), folks.
4. From fashion designs to gift wrap lines. Manufacturers are now seeking inspiration from the runway when it comes to both paper and decorative accents. Emphasis is on texture, pattern and clothing inspired creativity. Think felt flowers, fabric bags, pompoms, tulle and even velvet for giant bows.
5. Be eco-chic! There are many companies out there that produce earth-friendly gift wrap, fabrics and materials. You can do it too! Why not save a little money and turn your own trash into giftwrap treasure? Get creative. A few unique gift wrap ideas include old comics, craft paper, leftover fabric and even old maps can all be turned into thoughtful, hip and trendy wrappings.
6. Don’t overthink it. If you want to make a big impression, think simple and elegant. Use a solid color paper. Red, Gold and Green are still the single most popular holiday colors. Add a bow and you’re ready to go! You can never go wrong with classic gift wrap ideas. “Nothing says holiday sophistication more than giant bows–in plush, red velvet, of course,” says Erin Yeoman, of Really Big Bows. “That luxuriousness never goes out of style.”

And that’s a WRAP!

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by Dana Mihaly

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