Based in Texas, Really Big Bows was launched in 2004 by a luxury car sales manager trying to meet the discerning needs of her clients—both in the automobile industry and at home. The company is the vision of Erin Yeoman, an innovative entrepreneur who is equally passionate about career and family and seeks new ways to bring balance to business. Today, Really Big Bows has grown from a kitchen operation to a financially sustainable business boasting hundreds of customers from a variety of luxury industries.

Erin Yeoman
Chief Operations Officer

It’s not just a passion, it’s in her genes.
Since she was old enough to sit still, Erin Yeoman has been winding ribbon, tying knots and twisting wire, “Martha Stewart Style,” as she helped Mom wrap her love around birthday and holiday gifts. It has never been just about the gift, but rather, the thought and detail surrounding the whole package.

“I am passionate about bows because they make people feel special,” says Yeoman. “It becomes more than just a present, but a gift of love.”

Dana Mihaly
Chief Marketing Officer

After spending more than a decade in local news and corporate public relations, Dana Mihaly traded her career in the media for a life of nomadic military bliss. Though she sometimes missed her professional days, life as a military wife and mother would arm her for whatever career lie ahead. Deadlines? (Read: “I want it now!”) Attention to detail? (Read: “I don’t like it THAT way!”).

Today, Mihaly has set roots in Texas with a decorated husband, two well-traveled kids and a flexible, supportive company that has enabled her to pursue both her personal and professional goals.

Leigh Ryan
Chief Technology Officer, Metalsmith, Potter,
Stained Glass Artist

With a background in web design and a passion for hand-crafted creations, it’s no surprise Leigh Ryan looks for every opportunity to marry art and technology. “I enjoy providing technological assistance to entrepreneurs who are growing the businesses they are passionate about,” says Ryan. “I help provide the modern-day link to preserving past traditions.” When Ryan is not in the technology trenches at Really Big Bows, she and her husband are sharing their artistic talents with their daughter.



Paul David
Chief Mess Officer

This is the face of a man who can single-handedly change the face of corporate America. Using his child-like sensibilities, quick wit and uncanny ability to market himself, Paul David convinced his own entrepreneurial CEO that success is sometimes defined beyond the boardroom.

Though his organizational skills still need work, his charm and wisdom have earned him the title of "Chief Mess Officer" and a front row seat watching his mother succeed. P.D's arrival at Really Big Bows has been instrumental in helping Yeoman achieve balance between family and financial success.

In his spare time, Paul David likes to reverse engineer the bow making process.