Giant Car Bows Solve Santa’s Woes

Giant Car Bow Infiniti

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas as giant car bows dot car dealerships across the country, solving one of Santa’s biggest dilemmas. How do you wrap one of life’s biggest moments?  Really Big Bows has been employing elves all year long in anticipation of this very season.

With a sleigh full of red and white velvet, the team made a special delivery over the weekend in an effort to help St. Nick wrap dozens of luxury automobiles with giant car bows. Austin Infiniti was just one of many stops on the Really Big Bows’ holiday route. “It’s an honor to help Santa wrap some of life’s most exciting gifts!” Says Erin Yeoman, owner of Really Big Bows. “And nothing says Christmas like the quintessential red, velvet bow.”

Creating giant car bows is big business this time of the year. At Really Big Bows, hundreds of orders spill in between Thanksgiving and Christmas from auto dealers alone. “I think when you invest in such a large, important gift, it’s not just about the present—but the presentation,” says Yeoman. “A Really Big Bow is a great way to make a really big impression.”

December is also one of the biggest months for car sales, as dealers clear out their inventory and make room for new models. Many families are looking to take advantage of these deals and choose to turn their investment into a holiday gift. “We see this all of the time,” says Yeoman. “Mom and Dad want to make Christmas a time to remember for their new driver, and what better way to underscore that special moment than by topping it with a giant car bow?”

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